Along with rapid economic development , the number of narrow gauge railways has decreased drastically in China. 
But many narrow gauge railways are still scattered in a large country.
They are commonly known as "窄軌(=Narrow gauge)” or "小火車(=Small train)" among local residents.
I visited some of them.                                                        By Ichiro Junpu!

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115  Dayuancun Yihao Coal Mine
(Xingwen , Yibin
, Sichuan

Added on 20th Mar. 2019

24th Feb. 2019
Yongchuan Coal Mine Report

16th Feb. 2019
Panzhihua Limestone Mine Report

23th Jan. 2019
Huanan Forestry Railway Report

5th Jan. 2019
Baishui Coal Mining Report

28th Dec. 2018 
Tangjiahe Coal Mine Report


114  Pangushan Tungsten Mining
(Yudu , Ganzhou
, Jiangxi

Added on 12th Mar. 2019
113  Shizishan Copper Mine
(Lufeng , Chuxiong
, Yunnan

Added on 4th Mar. 2019
112  Hulipo Coal Mine
(Luxian , Luzhou
, Sichuan

Added on 8th Feb. 2019
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