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Alihe Forestry Railway
5th. Aug. 2018
Report:【 Aug.2018 】
I have been paying attention to the news on the steam locomotive operation of Alihe Forestry Railway for a long time.

However, it does not seem to run regularly and it is in a far place, so I left it.

But as a result of consulting with Hailar travel guide (Mr. Bai Buren), we were informed for arrangements on the railway visits.

Currently, they are accepting reservations for group tourists in summer only (Jul. and Aug.), and it is said charters are also possible for this period.

We arrived Alihe on 4th Aug. and found that the train will run one round trip in the afternoon.

But as a result of preliminary inspection, it is difficult to follow the train by car, so we booked the charter train in the morning.

  We visited the train shed at 5:45 in the morning.

Doors were already open and we could see C2 and a railcar in the train shed.
  After 30minutes , the smoke has increased(No.045)。

  There is diesel locomotive in the shed (Type Taixing, No.044).

Old Alihe Forestry Railway had 9 steam locomotivws and 1 diesel locomotive.

The driver said this loco can't run now because of mechanical troubles.
  The steam loco came out of the shed at 6:45 (No.045).

But maintenance work is still ongoing.
  When maintenance work finished, we asked the staff to let the railcar go outside.

We were told that this railcar has a gasoline enguine.
  The charter train started at 7:15 (No.045).

The main line can be seen on the left side.

  We took the train at Kuiyuan station at 7:25.

Passenger cars were also maintained, leaving the original atmosphere (No.01).

there are Chanel logos on the seat cover !
  The train arrived at 141 Gongren dui station at 7:35 (No.045).
  From 141 Gongren dui station we could join the cab (No.045).
  We got off at 2.5km point on the way at 7:50.

And we waited a bit forward.

  We waited in the forest at 7:55 (No.045).
  This is 3.5km point at 7:57 (No.045).

From here we rode a passenger car again. 
  The train arrived at Heixiongwo station at 8:05.

And we took photos of departure scene from the hill (No.045).

There is a bear stone stature, because "Heixiong" means "Black bear".

  It is 300m south of Heixiongwo station here.

The train arrived at 8:10 (No.045).

We took the train after this.

The train did not turn the locomotive at Xiangsigu station but returned by push driving.

We arrived at Kuiyuan station at 8:45.
  On this afternoon, two group tourists reserves the train.

But it seems that the operator is going to put the 1st group on the way and put the 2nd group on the way home.

We went out for breakfast and lunch and killed time.

When we came back at 12:40, the train was still at Kuiyuan station (No.045).
  1st group got to Kuiyuan station at 13:30.

And the train left soon (No.045).

  We advanced around by car and awaited arrival near the terminal station (No.045).
  I took photo at Xiangsigu station after most 1st. group tourists left. 

2nd. group tourists who take a return train didn't come as planned.

We waited more than 30minutes but the train didn't start.

We gave up and left Xiangsig Scenic Area. 

  Finally we dropped in at Alihe Forestry Office and went to Alihe station.