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Yujian Railway
2nd-3rd Jun. 2016
Report :  【 Jun. 2016 】  【 Apr. 2019 : By Mr. Ninomiya 】
I asked a travel agent in Zhengzhou to arrange visiting Yujian Railway.

He made contact with the head of Yujian Railway and the railway accepted our offer.

The agent said " If we're lucky the train will run a little for us." 

Train shed and Chaoyanggou are in Dengfeng City.

We met up near Zhengzhou Station and went to Dengfeng by highway bus.

  There are two steam locomotives in the front.

No.001 came from Yinghao Coal Mine and No.002 from Xinzheng.

The tender and the cabin were renewed.

There is an odd protion in the rear of the tender.

The staff said the diesel generator for passenger cars is in it.

They use hard coal to run.
  No.003 is behind them.

The tender of this loco is normal.

The staff said there are 13 C2s here.

They bought a lot of scrap from Harbin 5 or 6 years ago.

And they have chosen good parts and assembled.
  Next we went to the train shed.

Another C2 was being assembled.
New boiler was set and the frame of cabin was being welded.
  We visited an empty plot behind the train shed.

There are two boilers in front and another boiler behind.

I asked the staff "How many diesel locomotives are there?"

He answered "Several tens!".
  We went to the point 5km from the train shed by taxi.

There were many diesel locomotives on the sidetrack.

They were the retired locomotives of Chao-Qi line.

They were NY380 and JMY380.
  Next morning we visited train shed again to ride.

No.002 was getting ready for a trial run.
  There was a smal rail car near the train shed.
  A sign of "Yujian Culture Theme Park" was painted on the side of passenger car.

"Yu" is an old name of Henan.
  We got on the passenger car at 9 a.m.
  No.002 crossed the road near the train shed.
  We took some photos near the forest.
  A working train was chasing after our train as far as the construction site.

No.3802 was pulling a gondola car.

They have just arrived at the site.

  It was the harvesting season of wheat.

A diesel locomotive No.3801 was behind the train.
  There was a cutting.
  The train stopped near a tunnel for us.
  We could go to near the 19km mark.

There was a stone bridge at the point.
  The Diesel locomotive No.3801 pulled the train on the way back.

We came back to the train shed before 1 p.m.