Along with rapid economic development , the number of narrow gauge railways has decreased drastically in China. 
But many narrow gauge railways are still scattered in a large country.
They are commonly known as "窄軌(=Narrow gauge)” or "小火車(=Small train)" among local residents.
I visited some of them.                                                        By Ichiro Junpu!

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140 Huanyuan Coal Mining
(Xingwen , Yibin , Sichuan

Added on 19th Mar. 2021

10th Apr. 2021
Report:Jianghe Coal Mine
(May 2012)

6th Mar. 2021
Report:Zizhon Coal Mining
(Jun 2018)

22nd Feb. 2021
Topics:14 Coal Mines in Chongqing
(About the closing schedule)

27th Jan. 2021
News:Yongchuan Coal Mine

139 Yingqian Mining / Jiaoli Mine
(Shangyou , Ganzhou , Jiangxi

Added on 10th Feb. 2021
138 Xiaolong Tungsten Mining
(Taihe , Jian , Jiangxi

Added on 24th Sep. 2020
137 Gaoyi Coal Mine
Dachuan , Dazhou , Sichuan

Added on 2nd Jul. 2020
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  Chongqing City announced that 14 coal mines such as "Donglin","Hongyan","Nantong" and "Shihao" will be closed in Jun. 2021.