Along with rapid economic development , the number of narrow gauge railways has decreased drastically in China & Taiwan. 
But many narrow gauge railways are still scattered in these area.
They are commonly known as "窄軌(=Narrow gauge)” or "小火車(=Small train)" among local residents.
I visited some of them.                                                        By Ichiro Junpu!

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143  Alisyan Forest Railway
           Main Line(Chiyai , Taiwan

Added on 6th Jul. 2024

15th Jun 2024
Report:Shizishan Copper Mine
(Jun 2017)

15th May 2024
Report:Xinli Coal Mine

15th Apr.2024

Report:Bafangshan L&Z Mining

15th Mar.2024

Report:Lizhu Iron Mine

15th Feb.2024

Report:Erlihe Gold Mine

142 Muziyuan Tungsten Mine
(Dayu , Ganzhou , Jiangxi

Added on 28th Sep. 2021
141 Huangjiagou Coal Mining
(Xingwen , Yibin , Sichuan

Added on 2nd Jul. 2021
140 Huanyuan Coal Mining
(Xingwen , Yibin , Sichuan

Added on 19th Mar. 2021
 X(Twitter Taiwan    Topics 6th Jul.2024
    Alishan Forest Railway has resumed full operation on the Main Line (between Chiayi and Alishan) for the first time in 15 years.  Timetable 
To celebrate the long-awaited revival, I started the "
Taiwan Part".