Along with rapid economic development , the number of narrow gauge railways has decreased drastically in China. 
But many narrow gauge railways are still scattered in a large country.
They are commonly known as "窄軌(=Narrow gauge)” or "小火車(=Small train)" among local residents.
I visited some of them.                                                        By Ichiro Junpu!

 Latest "List of lines I visited"    Other updates  窄軌 小火車
128 Yangbishan Iron Mine
(Shuangyashan , Heilongjiang

Added on 19th Oct. 2019

6th Nov. 2019
Hailar Mengxi Cement

28th Oct. 2019 
Dalian Saltworks / Wudao Branch
(May 2014)

10th Oct. 2019
Zhicheng Coal Mine Report

22th Sep.2019
Banshi Mining Report

10th Sep.2019
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127 Shilin Coal Mine
Jiangle , Sanming , Fujian

Added on 1st Oct. 2019
126 Daoqing Coal Mine / North Shaft
Hunjian , Baishan , Jilin

Added on 13th Sep. 2019
125 Tangdan Copper Mine
Dongchuan , Kunming , Yunnan

Added on 27th Aug. 2019
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